Aug 18, 2017

What the Heck is 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery had been with us through "thick-and-thin" for the past 3 years among Asian women. It is a fast solution for both men & women with sparse and uneven brows.

The eyebrow shape can alter one's overall facial presentation to look more innocent, sultry, fierce or confident - take your pick. It is also believed in a superstition manner, that the eyebrow can change one's "Feng-Shui" and can just bring your luck way down the toilet - read about this on HerWorld Plus article.

However, despite this, with the trending "push" from our favorite Korean idols, this treatment has steadily become a must-have beauty fix for most women, regardless young or old.

Recently, I heard about this new and more refined technique originating from South Korea which is now widely known as the "6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery". As I look through the Internet trying to find out more before I go for this "desired" look, I found that there are SO MANY different terminology for just a simple eyebrow embroidery!


So far, I've only found this rather good explanatory material done by Allure Beauty Singapore. Probably they did several blog sponsorships so the below image is all over Google when I was searching on "eyebrow embroidery".

As you can see from the top most eyebrow embroidery "design" (with the miserable one starred), that is what most people were wearing like 5-10 years ago. Your mom or grandma are probably still donning their eyebrows in this manner - one SOLID black tattooed eyebrow that turns green over the years.

As we move down the list, the more natural it looks. I thought the 4 starred design already is looking good, there's another FIVE starred design called Angelic Eyebrow - but no picture to show what it is like! Maybe they didn't want competitors to know...

So the usual curious me, went to Allure Beauty website to "kaypoh" around. Here's what I've found...
At first glance, there seems no difference between the two designs (except for the price of course). But after reading their explanation and having a second closer look, it seems that the right hand side after-effect looks cleaner and softer compared to the left hand side one.

But this doesn't answer my "what the heck is 6D Nano" question!

So I decided to do a shortcut and just Google "6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery". Here's the closest match to what I am looking for since Beauty Recipe labelled it exactly:

This just looks exactly like the 3 starred "Creative Eyebrow" from Allure Beauty! So this really made me all confused again... Is the 6D Nano technique new or what?

I guess I can never solve this mystery of the what-is-the-latest in this embroidery market, where everyone is creating their own fancy namesakes to draw attention to their own.

So I shall go to bed now and start dreaming of eyebrows. Hope I can get enlightenment soon.