Oct 20, 2016

TOP 7 NEVERs for Your Nails!

Here are some NEVERs tips that you should not be doing to your nails! Hope this article helps you and your manicurist to better understand your nails... enjoy!

1. NEVER bite your nails
Nail biting is a common medical condition called onychophagia. This is a stress relieving habit that occurs at all ages.
Biting of the nails can weaken them and possibly cause other serious complications like infections and fungus. 
I had helped curing a few clients of their obsessive nail biting habit by maintaining a manicure regime or getting regular extensions. 

2. NEVER peel off your gel polish

Getting a long lasting manicure with the revolutionary gel polish is everyone's dream. But do you know that without proper application & removal, you can actually harm your nails?
As gel polishes are designed to adhere tightly to your natural nails for that wonderful chip free manicure, therefore by peeling them off will also peel off the layers of your natural nails, causing them to be thinner and brittle.

3. NEVER use your nails as tools
We are always guilty of trying to pluck off that staple or open that can of soda with our nails!
Such actions will increase the wear & tear of your manicured nails, causing premature chipping & breakage.

There are chances that your nails might rip off into the nail bed, causing bleeding and possible serious infections!

4. NEVER forget your cuticle oil

Cuticle oil plays a big part in your everyday nail regime. With exposure to aircon, washing of hands, and endless paperwork, the cuticles of our nails tend to be very dry.
Dry cuticles can lead to painful cracking which might cause infections and damage to new nail growth. 
As cuticle oil stays in the cuticle for a long period of time, a good cuticle oil with Vitamin E can help heal those cracked cuticles. You don't need a lot for all 10 nails so start investing in a good one.

5. NEVER leave your polishes on too long
All nail polishes contains pigment that varies between brands & shades. The stronger the color (ie. Reds & Blacks), the higher the pigment level.
Pigment is the main culprit in causing permanent yellow stains on your nails after prolonged use.
Slight buffing may remove the stain, but will thin out the nail as well.
Recommended duration is not more than a week.

6. NEVER be lazy

As the Chinese saying goes, "There's never an ugly woman, only a lazy one."
Our hands are the windows to our character. Showing a pair of well groomed hands not only helps getting that good impression but also your nails' well-being. 
A good regime is to have a professional classic treatment once every month and a good shaping every week. So learning some home DIY manicure can save you some money on the weekly shaping!

7. NEVER be boring
The local nail industry is fast growing to be in league with the advanced global nail trends. So be adventurous when dolling up your nails to be unique!
For nailart newbies, I recommend a "safe" glitter ombre design with some crystals to get used to them first. Then venture more into the other crafts like 3Ds and extensions. 

When in doubt, always trust your nail artist to help you.

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5 Tips to Enjoy a Better Massage

A good massage can really soothe your mind, soul and not to mention, those aching muscles. As you already know, massage can also help to promote better blood circulation, immune system, sleep quality and overall relaxation.
Apart from what you already know, we came up with the following tips that can avoid those wasted cash and most crucial of all, the potential pain.

1. Remember to Breathe When a very tightly tensed up muscle "knot" is being targeted by your masseur, you can really scream out in pain. The constant rubbing and prodding in that particular problematic spot can leave you even more tensed up as you grit your teeth and try your very best to control not to squirm.
Try breathing out when the pressure is pressed onto the spot and then breathing in when pressure is released. It is important that you breathe fully and deeply during this time (yes, similar to the breathing like a pregnant woman in labor pain) so to get more oxygen to your blood system and get better relief to your tensed muscles.
I've tried it and it really did took away some of the pain! I was so focused on breathing and anticipating the masseur's moves that I started to relax myself, thus having a better relief on my aching shoulder muscles.

2. Drink alot of Warm Water right after Massage
Having a massage is just like having a workout. As blood circulation is triggered to flow better and faster, metabolism is increased. As the body heats up during massage, muscle tissues can become dehydrated.
Drinking plenty of warm water after a massage session can help to rehydrate, build healthier muscle tissues and remove metabolic wastes.
At Pure Wellness Foot Spa, customers well-being is their first priority as they had recently installed a water purifier to provide alkaline drinking water for all to enjoy.
Read about the benefits of alkaline water in our next blog entry.

3. Avoid Eating Right Before Massage In general, a full meal right before a massage is always a taboo, a big "NO-NO". This is because massage stimulates digestion and sometimes with the need to lie on your tummy for a back massage can create nausea or even vomiting - trust me, this is not a good experience you want to take out from your massage session!
However, massage with an empty stomach is also a no-no. This might cause dizziness or feeling light-headed.
You must ask, eat also cannot, don't eat also cannot, then how? My answer, MODERATION lah! The best way is to have a light snack (I mean a healthy snack, a fried chicken wing is NOT a light snack!) one to two hours before your session which will allow slight digestion without making you uncomfortable during your massage session.

4. Speak Up
You should behave like an "aunty" and start telling the masseur where and how you want your massage to be done. Yes, you hear me right.
Speaking up about how you need "more of this" and "less of that" can help your masseur to target the places that you really need relief the most. Otherwise most likely you will left unsatisfied with your aching "point" still aching.
You should not be afraid to tell your masseur if something he/she is doing is uncomfortable, like for example, the pressure is not right, or the target point is off.
Be sure to tell your masseur where you wish to spend more time on at the start of the massage - ultimately, this is your massage session.

5. One Massage In A Blue Moon Isn't Going To Help Much My last point is this; massage is part of a wellness routine and must be done on a regular basis to ensure the greatest benefits for your body.
When I say routine, I do not mean once a month or once a year routine. I know of people who goes to a masseur only when they can't tolerate the pain any longer and that can be like months after their last session!
You are constantly working and moving your body everyday, and to get your tensed up overworked muscles to loosen up within that one to two hours is never going to work out. A focused massage work (ie. that particular shoulder spot, or calf muscle spot) within an hour can only cover that area of the body whereas other parts of the body which muscles have not scream out in pain yet, are not serviced.
You should be having a massage as frequently as possible to ensure muscles will be totally worked out bit by bit during every session.

Here you are, the top 5 tips on how to enjoy your massage better and get your money's worth!

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