Aug 18, 2017

What the Heck is 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery had been with us through "thick-and-thin" for the past 3 years among Asian women. It is a fast solution for both men & women with sparse and uneven brows.

The eyebrow shape can alter one's overall facial presentation to look more innocent, sultry, fierce or confident - take your pick. It is also believed in a superstition manner, that the eyebrow can change one's "Feng-Shui" and can just bring your luck way down the toilet - read about this on HerWorld Plus article.

However, despite this, with the trending "push" from our favorite Korean idols, this treatment has steadily become a must-have beauty fix for most women, regardless young or old.

Recently, I heard about this new and more refined technique originating from South Korea which is now widely known as the "6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery". As I look through the Internet trying to find out more before I go for this "desired" look, I found that there are SO MANY different terminology for just a simple eyebrow embroidery!


So far, I've only found this rather good explanatory material done by Allure Beauty Singapore. Probably they did several blog sponsorships so the below image is all over Google when I was searching on "eyebrow embroidery".

As you can see from the top most eyebrow embroidery "design" (with the miserable one starred), that is what most people were wearing like 5-10 years ago. Your mom or grandma are probably still donning their eyebrows in this manner - one SOLID black tattooed eyebrow that turns green over the years.

As we move down the list, the more natural it looks. I thought the 4 starred design already is looking good, there's another FIVE starred design called Angelic Eyebrow - but no picture to show what it is like! Maybe they didn't want competitors to know...

So the usual curious me, went to Allure Beauty website to "kaypoh" around. Here's what I've found...
At first glance, there seems no difference between the two designs (except for the price of course). But after reading their explanation and having a second closer look, it seems that the right hand side after-effect looks cleaner and softer compared to the left hand side one.

But this doesn't answer my "what the heck is 6D Nano" question!

So I decided to do a shortcut and just Google "6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery". Here's the closest match to what I am looking for since Beauty Recipe labelled it exactly:

This just looks exactly like the 3 starred "Creative Eyebrow" from Allure Beauty! So this really made me all confused again... Is the 6D Nano technique new or what?

I guess I can never solve this mystery of the what-is-the-latest in this embroidery market, where everyone is creating their own fancy namesakes to draw attention to their own.

So I shall go to bed now and start dreaming of eyebrows. Hope I can get enlightenment soon. 

Dec 30, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting an Infection in a Nail Salon

Lately, there is a post going around social media about some woman getting infected with AIDS after a manicure session. Read the article from DailyMail here.

First of all, this was a 2014 article and I could not find any further cases from the later years on the internet (please let me know if you do). Therefore can I say this is the one and only case so far?
Also, it was noted in some other write-ups of this same incident that it was a "suspected" case, not a confirmed one - so this makes me wonder which of the online news is the most accurate!

If you understand AIDS, there is a "window" period of which the symptoms will start to show and accelerate to become more serious, warranting a blood test. You can read more about AIDS here.

So it would be weeks of flu-like symptoms before this woman gets herself checked. During this period, she might be exposed to other possible risks of contact to get infected.

Even if this case is not confirmed as a Fact or Myth, there is still an unmistakable risk in a nail salon. Might not be AIDS, but other equally terrible contagious diseases like Athlete's Foot, Fungus, Ringworm, etc.

The processes involved in a manicure or pedicure can highly expose you to possible chances of cross-infection. Some of the processes includes:
  • Sharing of non-sanitised tools (ie. nail files, buffers, toe separators, etc.)
  • Sharing of a dirty foot bath (not properly disinfected in between customers)
  • Injury caused by improperly disinfected metal tool (ie. cuticle nippers, nail clippers, etc.)
  • Handled by an infected therapist
  • Dirty towels
I had heard of unethical nail salons that cut corners to save operating costs. So I recommend that you rely on your eyes to observe the operations of the nail salon BEFORE you even start your manicure. Remember that it is OK to walk out of the salon before you start your appointment if you are not comfortable with what you observed.
Read about Salon Nightmares that are busted by undercover CBS reporters here.

Here are top 5 pointers on what to look out for:
  • Are there a UV cabinet and Barbicide (read more about benefits here) soaking equipment in full view of the customers?
  • Inspect towels if there are any dust or polish stains. Are there different towel set for use between manicure & pedicure?
  • Observe if the pedicure bath basin is being scrubbed down after each client.
  • Are the metal tools being sealed in a sterilised bag before using on you?
  • Shop must look clean, neat and tidy at all times. Check manicurist's basket if it's clean and neatly arranged.

Here are some pointers to note before deciding to get your nails done. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • If you have any open wound, avoid getting your nails done to prevent risk of cross-infection.
  • Ensure to find out more about the hygiene procedures and protocols the salon observe.
  • Manicures should NOT be painful. If you feel uncomfortable, especially during the cuticle cleaning process, speak out to the manicurist. 
  • At no point in time should any injury be caused, common injuries are usually caused by inexperienced and careless staff. Some injuries involve cut from new nail files, over pushing of cuticles, over cutting of cuticles and nails. Make sure to apply antiseptic and see a doctor should you be injured during a manicure session. You should not proceed with the manicure and ask for a refund.
  • Bring along your own manicure and pedicure tools for personal use. Ensure that the manicurist DO NOT mix your tools with their own and learn to disinfect or sterilise on your own at home after each use.

Dec 29, 2016

Meridian Tummy Trim Journal

(This is a journal of my Meridian Tummy Trim 5 sessions course at EsBoudoir Beauty between 21~25 November 2016).

If you had read about my last blog about my first trial at EsBoudoir (read about it here), you will know more about the fantastic Meridian Tummy Trim treatment I went through.

I personally experienced the great after effects of the Meridian massage listed below which went on for the next 1-2 weeks!
  • less puffy (I guess was from the water retention)
  • improved bowel movements
  • no more menstrual cramps (yes, I usually get cramps during my menstrual cycles)
  • lightened stretchmarks
  • smaller "love-handles" (it's only 1 treatment, so it's really good to see these getting smaller)
With the above benefits from the Meridian massage, of course I would decided to sign up for their 5 sessions course almost immediately! It takes time commitment since I have to turn up at EsBoudoir every day for the 5 sessions so to ensure maximum results.

So here goes:

Day 1 (21 November 2016)

Arrived at EsBoudoir ARC with anticipation. Although I had already went through the first trial, I am still pretty excited to find out how much inches I can lose during these 5 days.

Measurement of my tummy circumference is taken BEFORE the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment starts. Reads 92cm.

A simple scrub on my tummy is done to prepare my skin to absorb their special slimming cream. Heating pads are laid on my tummy area to increase the temperature to trigger metabolism which is usually getting lower for women after 21.

After the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment (see full process and review during my first trial here), measurement taken is 91cm. Not bad for the first day. Looks a little red due to the heating pads and kneading of my fats... haha.

Day 2 (22 November 2016)

I was very punctual for my 2nd session of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment with the massage therapist today. Here's the pre-treatment measurement: 90.5cm

Today's massage process is slightly different as the therapist starts to target my "love-handles" the stubborn fatty layer of blubber around the side of the waist. This is to shape up the waist area for that hour-glass look.

There's an additional heating pad treatment during the wrapping process. It was double heat as the slimming cream is already creating that "chilli hot" sensation and with the heating pad, I just felt that my fats are melting away! Shiok ah!

After Meridian Tummy Trim treatment measurement today: 89cm
My tummy had some sensitive rashes due to the heating process.. but no itch or pain. The rashes went off within the next 3-5 hours with no other side effects.

I felt my tummy is turning a little more flabby today due to the breaking down of the stubborn fats.

Day 3 (23 November 2016)

My third day of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment today. I had started my gym routine of 1 hour on the treadmill every morning before my treatment (usually in the afternoon). I'm feeling slimmer, alert and healthier every minute!

Measurement taken before treatment today: 90cm
Went up 1cm? Probably was my late night sleeping yesterday... (Do you know? Cravings and water retention are at their highest when there is lack of proper sleep.)

My therapist was so determined to get my measurement down today that she "upgraded" her strength for the meridian massage by applying several acupressure-point therapy on my already flabby tummy.

It is important to learn to breath during this acupressure-point process. The key is in the breathing so that the therapist can reach into the meridian point and trigger it. The therapist will ask you to breath in and slowly exhale as she apply point pressure with her fingers deep into the flesh. DO NOT breath in while the point pressure is still in as it will cause internal injury and pain. Definitely NO talking too during this time as you have to focus on breathing.

After treatment measurement for today: about 89cm

Day 4 (24 November 2016)

Almost three quarter into the whole course of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment. During the last 3 days, my body started to see certain changes like a more defined waistline, increased metabolism (starting to sweat even during a short walk, use to not sweating even after 20 minutes of jogging which is very bad for body as sweating helps to excrete toxins.), better bowel motions and smoother tummy skin!

Before Meridian Tummy Trim treatment measurement: 90cm
Realised that I gain about 1cm after a night... As I only have the massage for 1 hour and lived my life as normal for the next 23 hours - I guess that I really have to adjust my lifestyle in order to maintain the results. That is exercise and choice of food - this is what EVERY slimming treatment tells you to do.

After today's Meridian Tummy Trim treatment measurement: 87.5cm
WOW! Today's results was the most! A whopping 2.5cm loss!

Day 5 (25 November 2016)

The last day of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment. I had made slight changes to my lifestyle so I will not waste my (and the therapist's) efforts for the last few days. A gym membership and making effort to choose my food wisely is a small change, but easy to manage with some determination!

Today's measurement before we start: 88.5cm

We have a special treatment with the help of technology on this last day of course. This machine creates strong vibrations to breakdown the fat molecules to allow the body to purge easily. It comes with infra-red treatment for added heat to allow better absorption of the slimming cream.

After the machine had done its job to loosen the stubborn fats, it was my therapist's turn to use her hands to do her magic.

Afterwards, it was the usual wrapping up and the application of heat pads.
Here's the final measurement: 88.5cm
No change in measurement, but I'm very certain that I can maintain or even achieve a lower measurement with my change in lifestyle going forward!

Every woman's body is different. Our metabolism, body shape, lifestyle, etc. differs between all of us. What I've blogged about is my own personal experience above. Some might experience better results and benefits from the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment.

I recommend you (man or woman), to go for this Meridian Tummy Trim treatment at EsBoudoir instead of trying out non-natural options like slimming pills and evasive treatments that are harmful to your body.

Slimming treatments should be gradual as the body gets used to the effects and adapts to maintain it. I had tried before machine slimming treatments that achieves outstanding results, but I can never maintain the after results as my body rebounded back after the treatment stopped.

Meridian Tummy Trim treatment aims to not only achieve a more defined waistline, but also a healthier you. Especially for woman, meridian massage works similarly to acupuncture (TCM procedure using needles to target meridian points) with the same effect but not as scary if you hate needles like me.

Book your personalised Meridian Tummy Trim course with EsBoudoir today.
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Dec 2, 2016

Meridian Tummy Slimming First Trial at EsBoudoir


EsBoudoir pioneered the Singapore nail industry since 1996. Ahead in trends and techniques, EsBoudoir prides in providing top quality services for all their clients.
EsBoudoir Vivocity Outlet

Recently, they started to hire and train a new group of experts to focus on providing effective slimming services so their clients have a "top to toe" experience here at EsBoudoir. 

Contrary to the usual machine slimming technique most slimming centres have, EsBoudoir insisted on the traditional Meridian massage technique that is effort intensive yet effective with longer lasting effect.

As most of my friends know, I'm a mother to two active boys and as a food lover, it was difficult to return back to my pre-pregnant figure after my 2nd child. I did had my post-natal massage after my confinement but with my active firstborn at age 2 (the "terrible two") running around most of the time I was unable to have the massage continuously everyday (as recommended by the masseur). 

Therefore my post-natal results wasn't that satisfactory and with the years of enjoying good food, titbit binges and eating after my kids (most mums will know this), my waistline has been growing sideways ever since.

Recently I checked my BMI (Body Mass Index) and I fell into the OVERWEIGHT range without even knowing! You can measure your own BMI with the link at the bottom of this blog.

This triggers a warning bell in me. It is my responsibility to be healthy so I would not be a burden to my family and live a good long life to see my boys growing up. Being fit is a hard journey, but not impossible. I see many success stories of overweight mothers transforming to look slimmer, fitter and younger, makes me so envious (don't you?).

When I was invited to experience EsBoudoir's trial Meridian Tummy Slimming session, I was so excited to see how this can help me to achieve my goals.

I had heard about Meridian massages which the Chinese relates it to "TuiNa 推拿", a traditional massage method that uses acupressure at vital meridian points of the body to trigger various response like increased metabolism, relief tensions, detox, etc. This method of massage can be sore as pressure will be put onto "problem" spots that are congested.
Read more about Meridian massage at the links below this blog.
I arrived at EsBoudoir with a heart full of anticipation and excitement. The last time I did such tummy massage was during my 2nd confinement which was 7 years ago! Yikes...

Before we start, I was briefed by a friendly and professional masseur about the processes and what I should expect from the treatment. This made me more relaxed as I was more aware of what to expect later.

I understood the fact that each individual is different, like DNA, so response to the treatment also differs between each person. Also, meridian massage targets the deep tissues, so if there are "stubborn fats" like cellulite, the massage might be slightly painful but it is alright to scream and ask for lighter strength if the pain is unbearable.

Then my flabby tummy was measured... *drum-roll please...*... 91cm (approx. 35.8in)

First of all, a steaming and scrub process is done to "open" up the pores for better absorption of the slimming cream. During this process, light massage is done at the arms which is very relaxing!

After about 10-15 minutes, the real massage starts... As this was my very first time, frankly it hurts a bit due to the need to break down the cellulite and stubborn fat tissues. My therapist is really professional to use the correct massage technique to do it with strength without being tired!

Lastly, after about 40mins of tummy "exercise", it's time to wrap up! This step helps to further stimulate heat and absorption of the heating slimming cream.

Finally, the results of all the effort.... *drum-roll again*... almost 88cm (approx. 34.6in). A total of 3cm measurement loss! Not bad for a first time. I heard that there are some clients who do not see much measurement loss during their first session but with repeated sessions on a regular basis, results is guaranteed.

You may also noticed that my tummy looks redder as the blood circulation is very much still at work after the "Great Workout".

After the treatment, my tummy still feels warm (and slightly sore from the intensive kneading) until the night time. I didn't bathe until about 5hrs later so that the slimming cream can continue to work its magic. I can feel my tummy is softer which is probably due to the breakdown of cellulite & fatty tissues.

The next morning, the detoxing effect of the Meridian Massage too effect as my toilet visit came with looser stools that is dark & smelly. A thin layer of oil is also observed.

As advised by my therapist, I should adjust my daily lifestyle to improve my well-being:
  1. Avoid ice cold drinks
  2. Sleep early & wake early
  3. Eat less salt (and snacks)
  4. Have meals punctually
  5. Eat like a king in the morning, commoner in the afternoon, and a pauper at night
  6. Exercise regularly to tone up 
My slimming experience at EsBoudoir is very effective and I could see the benefits that come with it. Therefore I intend to purchase a full 5 days intensive session with EsBoudoir and document my experience.

This Meridian Tummy Slimming 1st Trial is now at $68 only which is worth every cent.
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Nov 10, 2016

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

With the high-stressed environment in Singapore, it is no wonder that people are having headaches, muscle tensions, dark eye-bags, and other symptoms of toxin buildup in the body systems.

One of the best way to remove toxins (ie. detoxify) from the body is with anti-oxidants. This can be as easy as drinking alkaline water!

First, you must know about the pH levels - between 0 to 14. pH 7 is neutral while going left of the chart (ie. reading less than pH 7) is towards acidic levels, while going right (ie. reading more than pH 7) is towards alkaline levels.

Acidic examples are citrus fruits (ie. oranges, lemon), while alkaline examples are like soap, baking soda, detergents, etc. The litmus paper is a simple tool to gauge pH levels by identification of the colours.

pH levels vary within our body. Our blood is slightly alkaline, our stomach is very acidic to digest food, our urine changes according to our diet - all for the sake to keep the pH level in our blood steady.

Why the body must be alkaline?

The most important factor is to have an alkaline diet to help our body maintain the pH level of the blood.

With our usual favourite food in the menu which mostly create acids in the body system, it is no wonder that majority of the population in Singapore are prone to long-lasting acidity in the blood. This leads to some of the following symptoms:

  • fatigue or drowsiness
  • becoming tired easily
  • confusion
  • shortness of breath
  • sleepiness
  • headache

5 Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking water is something that we do everyday. Although Singapore has drinkable water from the tap, it is known to have some chemical residues leftover from the filtration processes from the reservoirs to our taps. You may find the Singapore Drinking Water Quality Checklist here
Alkaline water is processed to be less acidic than regular tap water. It is known to be able to neutralise the acid in the bloodstream and help increase the body metabolism to absorb nutrients effectively, ultimately leading to better health and work performance.

Here's top FIVE benefits to drinking Alkaline Water:

This means to remove normal acidic waste products that are accumulated daily in our body. Toxins are also accumulated from our environment, prescription drugs, unnatural processed foods and even the normal process of ageing. Much of what is about toxins are mentioned earlier in this article.
Drinking alkaline water daily can help to neutralise the acidity buildup in the body and cleanse acid waste from cells and tissues.

The most basic requirement to maintain or regain good health is to keep your body hydrated. During the ionising process of the alkaline water, water ions reforms into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed into the cells. This helps your body to maintain hydrated while benefiting from the alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Ionised alkaline water has the ability to give out electron that aids in neutralising and blocking out free-radial damage to the body. This is done by converting free radicals into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and cell regeneration. Cancer cells and most other illnesses cannot survive in an oxygenated and alkaline environment.

Toxins in the body are the major culprit in causing illnesses, premature ageing and other health issues. They are commonly a result of poor diet, pollution and stress. These toxins builds up in our body and can cause serious cell damage that leads to ageing and other diseases.

Alkaline pH level is the "normal" state of healthy people. However, with the highly acidic food diet, stress and exposure to pollution, our body turned to long-term acidic level. Restoring your body's proper pH level can boost energy and overall health and wellness.

Our immune system is the first frontier to fight against diseases and recovery of the body. pH imbalance of the body (ie. acidic) can cause cells to be suffocated. This cause cells to breakdown and die immaturely, leaving the body weak and prone to getting sick. Moving your body pH to alkaline levels can help turning this around.
The only way to turn your body into alkaline is mainly to change your diet intake. Drinking alkaline water is still the best, easiest and most effective way.

We are mostly lazy, aren't we? *wink

Oct 20, 2016

TOP 7 NEVERs for Your Nails!

Here are some NEVERs tips that you should not be doing to your nails! Hope this article helps you and your manicurist to better understand your nails... enjoy!

1. NEVER bite your nails
Nail biting is a common medical condition called onychophagia. This is a stress relieving habit that occurs at all ages.
Biting of the nails can weaken them and possibly cause other serious complications like infections and fungus. 
I had helped curing a few clients of their obsessive nail biting habit by maintaining a manicure regime or getting regular extensions. 

2. NEVER peel off your gel polish

Getting a long lasting manicure with the revolutionary gel polish is everyone's dream. But do you know that without proper application & removal, you can actually harm your nails?
As gel polishes are designed to adhere tightly to your natural nails for that wonderful chip free manicure, therefore by peeling them off will also peel off the layers of your natural nails, causing them to be thinner and brittle.

3. NEVER use your nails as tools
We are always guilty of trying to pluck off that staple or open that can of soda with our nails!
Such actions will increase the wear & tear of your manicured nails, causing premature chipping & breakage.

There are chances that your nails might rip off into the nail bed, causing bleeding and possible serious infections!

4. NEVER forget your cuticle oil

Cuticle oil plays a big part in your everyday nail regime. With exposure to aircon, washing of hands, and endless paperwork, the cuticles of our nails tend to be very dry.
Dry cuticles can lead to painful cracking which might cause infections and damage to new nail growth. 
As cuticle oil stays in the cuticle for a long period of time, a good cuticle oil with Vitamin E can help heal those cracked cuticles. You don't need a lot for all 10 nails so start investing in a good one.

5. NEVER leave your polishes on too long
All nail polishes contains pigment that varies between brands & shades. The stronger the color (ie. Reds & Blacks), the higher the pigment level.
Pigment is the main culprit in causing permanent yellow stains on your nails after prolonged use.
Slight buffing may remove the stain, but will thin out the nail as well.
Recommended duration is not more than a week.

6. NEVER be lazy

As the Chinese saying goes, "There's never an ugly woman, only a lazy one."
Our hands are the windows to our character. Showing a pair of well groomed hands not only helps getting that good impression but also your nails' well-being. 
A good regime is to have a professional classic treatment once every month and a good shaping every week. So learning some home DIY manicure can save you some money on the weekly shaping!

7. NEVER be boring
The local nail industry is fast growing to be in league with the advanced global nail trends. So be adventurous when dolling up your nails to be unique!
For nailart newbies, I recommend a "safe" glitter ombre design with some crystals to get used to them first. Then venture more into the other crafts like 3Ds and extensions. 

When in doubt, always trust your nail artist to help you.

Visit for 24/7 mobile nails at your doorstep! 
Advance booking required - SMS/Whatsapp +65-96155970 to book today.

5 Tips to Enjoy a Better Massage

A good massage can really soothe your mind, soul and not to mention, those aching muscles. As you already know, massage can also help to promote better blood circulation, immune system, sleep quality and overall relaxation.
Apart from what you already know, we came up with the following tips that can avoid those wasted cash and most crucial of all, the potential pain.

1. Remember to Breathe When a very tightly tensed up muscle "knot" is being targeted by your masseur, you can really scream out in pain. The constant rubbing and prodding in that particular problematic spot can leave you even more tensed up as you grit your teeth and try your very best to control not to squirm.
Try breathing out when the pressure is pressed onto the spot and then breathing in when pressure is released. It is important that you breathe fully and deeply during this time (yes, similar to the breathing like a pregnant woman in labor pain) so to get more oxygen to your blood system and get better relief to your tensed muscles.
I've tried it and it really did took away some of the pain! I was so focused on breathing and anticipating the masseur's moves that I started to relax myself, thus having a better relief on my aching shoulder muscles.

2. Drink alot of Warm Water right after Massage
Having a massage is just like having a workout. As blood circulation is triggered to flow better and faster, metabolism is increased. As the body heats up during massage, muscle tissues can become dehydrated.
Drinking plenty of warm water after a massage session can help to rehydrate, build healthier muscle tissues and remove metabolic wastes.
At Pure Wellness Foot Spa, customers well-being is their first priority as they had recently installed a water purifier to provide alkaline drinking water for all to enjoy.
Read about the benefits of alkaline water in our next blog entry.

3. Avoid Eating Right Before Massage In general, a full meal right before a massage is always a taboo, a big "NO-NO". This is because massage stimulates digestion and sometimes with the need to lie on your tummy for a back massage can create nausea or even vomiting - trust me, this is not a good experience you want to take out from your massage session!
However, massage with an empty stomach is also a no-no. This might cause dizziness or feeling light-headed.
You must ask, eat also cannot, don't eat also cannot, then how? My answer, MODERATION lah! The best way is to have a light snack (I mean a healthy snack, a fried chicken wing is NOT a light snack!) one to two hours before your session which will allow slight digestion without making you uncomfortable during your massage session.

4. Speak Up
You should behave like an "aunty" and start telling the masseur where and how you want your massage to be done. Yes, you hear me right.
Speaking up about how you need "more of this" and "less of that" can help your masseur to target the places that you really need relief the most. Otherwise most likely you will left unsatisfied with your aching "point" still aching.
You should not be afraid to tell your masseur if something he/she is doing is uncomfortable, like for example, the pressure is not right, or the target point is off.
Be sure to tell your masseur where you wish to spend more time on at the start of the massage - ultimately, this is your massage session.

5. One Massage In A Blue Moon Isn't Going To Help Much My last point is this; massage is part of a wellness routine and must be done on a regular basis to ensure the greatest benefits for your body.
When I say routine, I do not mean once a month or once a year routine. I know of people who goes to a masseur only when they can't tolerate the pain any longer and that can be like months after their last session!
You are constantly working and moving your body everyday, and to get your tensed up overworked muscles to loosen up within that one to two hours is never going to work out. A focused massage work (ie. that particular shoulder spot, or calf muscle spot) within an hour can only cover that area of the body whereas other parts of the body which muscles have not scream out in pain yet, are not serviced.
You should be having a massage as frequently as possible to ensure muscles will be totally worked out bit by bit during every session.

Here you are, the top 5 tips on how to enjoy your massage better and get your money's worth!

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Jun 20, 2016

Tips To Better Nail Photos

With the wide exposure in social media, being visible is no longer about just words but images as well.
We have platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to share beautiful photos and catch eyes of strangers to "follow".
Therefore as a nail artist in this current generation is no longer about shoot & pose. There are more things to getting that PERFECT image for all to see.
I approached some of my fellow good nail buddies - Adriana, Veronica & Valerie, to give you some tips to good nail photos. Here are FIVE tips to good nail photos...
1. Resolution
Resolution is the key. You would not want your photos become blur when you need to use them for a poster or high resolution printout. The higher the resolution the better you can effectively touch-up on Photoshop later.

2. Lighting
Alot of light and clear light backgrounds is what Veronica advise. Here's also what Adriana says:"...I like to use my light box to take pictures of my Nail tips. You can make your own by yourself! Check it out on YouTube "light box". Its easy and pretty nice to make your Picture has a good look!!!"
Make sure lighting is not too strong as overexposed photos can prevent good details to stand out.

3. Choosing Your Camera
Nowadays our mobile phones can take way better pictures than our compact digital camera. However, focusing is the key. You have to ensure that every detail on your nails are captured. Professional DSLR cameras are great but I feel that they are too complicated to use.

4. Hand Models
Nails looks best on a hand even if they are only  fake nails tips. Attach them on a hand and they will come "alive".
The hands of a live model also must meet some requirements so they will compliment your nail designs better on photos. Here are some pointers:
  • Cuticles must be moisturised - dry flaky cuticles gives the "yuck" factor and draws attention away from the nails. Use cuticle cream or oil to make them look healthy. But not too much as it will cause unnecessary reflection in photos. 
  • Good skin - young healthy skin will not distract the viewers to the wrinkles which causes shadows in the photos. Work on some treatment regime on the hand model before the shoot will help ease out some minor wrinkles and dry skin. 
  • Skin tone - you have to decide if the model's skin tone will bring out your nail design based on color tone matching. Example, a light skin tone cannot bring out white nails while vice versa. Use photoshop to adjust and even out skin tone if needed.
  • Hand Poses - elegant looking poses makes the fingers and nails look more appealing. Learn about hand poses from hand supermodel Ellen Sirot here.  

5. Props
Background props plays a part to make your overall photo interesting. So far, nails looks good with natural background so go out there to take your photo under good old natural light and background! Valerie advises:"Don't take a background with to much stock because they lost the principal subject "Nails". Less is better all the time."
We hope that the above information will be useful to you and help you to prepare your nail photo entries for The Touch Pageant.
For any inquiries and registration for the nail competition, please email us at


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