Dec 29, 2016

Meridian Tummy Trim Journal

(This is a journal of my Meridian Tummy Trim 5 sessions course at EsBoudoir Beauty between 21~25 November 2016).

If you had read about my last blog about my first trial at EsBoudoir (read about it here), you will know more about the fantastic Meridian Tummy Trim treatment I went through.

I personally experienced the great after effects of the Meridian massage listed below which went on for the next 1-2 weeks!
  • less puffy (I guess was from the water retention)
  • improved bowel movements
  • no more menstrual cramps (yes, I usually get cramps during my menstrual cycles)
  • lightened stretchmarks
  • smaller "love-handles" (it's only 1 treatment, so it's really good to see these getting smaller)
With the above benefits from the Meridian massage, of course I would decided to sign up for their 5 sessions course almost immediately! It takes time commitment since I have to turn up at EsBoudoir every day for the 5 sessions so to ensure maximum results.

So here goes:

Day 1 (21 November 2016)

Arrived at EsBoudoir ARC with anticipation. Although I had already went through the first trial, I am still pretty excited to find out how much inches I can lose during these 5 days.

Measurement of my tummy circumference is taken BEFORE the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment starts. Reads 92cm.

A simple scrub on my tummy is done to prepare my skin to absorb their special slimming cream. Heating pads are laid on my tummy area to increase the temperature to trigger metabolism which is usually getting lower for women after 21.

After the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment (see full process and review during my first trial here), measurement taken is 91cm. Not bad for the first day. Looks a little red due to the heating pads and kneading of my fats... haha.

Day 2 (22 November 2016)

I was very punctual for my 2nd session of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment with the massage therapist today. Here's the pre-treatment measurement: 90.5cm

Today's massage process is slightly different as the therapist starts to target my "love-handles" the stubborn fatty layer of blubber around the side of the waist. This is to shape up the waist area for that hour-glass look.

There's an additional heating pad treatment during the wrapping process. It was double heat as the slimming cream is already creating that "chilli hot" sensation and with the heating pad, I just felt that my fats are melting away! Shiok ah!

After Meridian Tummy Trim treatment measurement today: 89cm
My tummy had some sensitive rashes due to the heating process.. but no itch or pain. The rashes went off within the next 3-5 hours with no other side effects.

I felt my tummy is turning a little more flabby today due to the breaking down of the stubborn fats.

Day 3 (23 November 2016)

My third day of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment today. I had started my gym routine of 1 hour on the treadmill every morning before my treatment (usually in the afternoon). I'm feeling slimmer, alert and healthier every minute!

Measurement taken before treatment today: 90cm
Went up 1cm? Probably was my late night sleeping yesterday... (Do you know? Cravings and water retention are at their highest when there is lack of proper sleep.)

My therapist was so determined to get my measurement down today that she "upgraded" her strength for the meridian massage by applying several acupressure-point therapy on my already flabby tummy.

It is important to learn to breath during this acupressure-point process. The key is in the breathing so that the therapist can reach into the meridian point and trigger it. The therapist will ask you to breath in and slowly exhale as she apply point pressure with her fingers deep into the flesh. DO NOT breath in while the point pressure is still in as it will cause internal injury and pain. Definitely NO talking too during this time as you have to focus on breathing.

After treatment measurement for today: about 89cm

Day 4 (24 November 2016)

Almost three quarter into the whole course of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment. During the last 3 days, my body started to see certain changes like a more defined waistline, increased metabolism (starting to sweat even during a short walk, use to not sweating even after 20 minutes of jogging which is very bad for body as sweating helps to excrete toxins.), better bowel motions and smoother tummy skin!

Before Meridian Tummy Trim treatment measurement: 90cm
Realised that I gain about 1cm after a night... As I only have the massage for 1 hour and lived my life as normal for the next 23 hours - I guess that I really have to adjust my lifestyle in order to maintain the results. That is exercise and choice of food - this is what EVERY slimming treatment tells you to do.

After today's Meridian Tummy Trim treatment measurement: 87.5cm
WOW! Today's results was the most! A whopping 2.5cm loss!

Day 5 (25 November 2016)

The last day of the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment. I had made slight changes to my lifestyle so I will not waste my (and the therapist's) efforts for the last few days. A gym membership and making effort to choose my food wisely is a small change, but easy to manage with some determination!

Today's measurement before we start: 88.5cm

We have a special treatment with the help of technology on this last day of course. This machine creates strong vibrations to breakdown the fat molecules to allow the body to purge easily. It comes with infra-red treatment for added heat to allow better absorption of the slimming cream.

After the machine had done its job to loosen the stubborn fats, it was my therapist's turn to use her hands to do her magic.

Afterwards, it was the usual wrapping up and the application of heat pads.
Here's the final measurement: 88.5cm
No change in measurement, but I'm very certain that I can maintain or even achieve a lower measurement with my change in lifestyle going forward!

Every woman's body is different. Our metabolism, body shape, lifestyle, etc. differs between all of us. What I've blogged about is my own personal experience above. Some might experience better results and benefits from the Meridian Tummy Trim treatment.

I recommend you (man or woman), to go for this Meridian Tummy Trim treatment at EsBoudoir instead of trying out non-natural options like slimming pills and evasive treatments that are harmful to your body.

Slimming treatments should be gradual as the body gets used to the effects and adapts to maintain it. I had tried before machine slimming treatments that achieves outstanding results, but I can never maintain the after results as my body rebounded back after the treatment stopped.

Meridian Tummy Trim treatment aims to not only achieve a more defined waistline, but also a healthier you. Especially for woman, meridian massage works similarly to acupuncture (TCM procedure using needles to target meridian points) with the same effect but not as scary if you hate needles like me.

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