Dec 2, 2016

Meridian Tummy Slimming First Trial at EsBoudoir


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Recently, they started to hire and train a new group of experts to focus on providing effective slimming services so their clients have a "top to toe" experience here at EsBoudoir. 

Contrary to the usual machine slimming technique most slimming centres have, EsBoudoir insisted on the traditional Meridian massage technique that is effort intensive yet effective with longer lasting effect.

As most of my friends know, I'm a mother to two active boys and as a food lover, it was difficult to return back to my pre-pregnant figure after my 2nd child. I did had my post-natal massage after my confinement but with my active firstborn at age 2 (the "terrible two") running around most of the time I was unable to have the massage continuously everyday (as recommended by the masseur). 

Therefore my post-natal results wasn't that satisfactory and with the years of enjoying good food, titbit binges and eating after my kids (most mums will know this), my waistline has been growing sideways ever since.

Recently I checked my BMI (Body Mass Index) and I fell into the OVERWEIGHT range without even knowing! You can measure your own BMI with the link at the bottom of this blog.

This triggers a warning bell in me. It is my responsibility to be healthy so I would not be a burden to my family and live a good long life to see my boys growing up. Being fit is a hard journey, but not impossible. I see many success stories of overweight mothers transforming to look slimmer, fitter and younger, makes me so envious (don't you?).

When I was invited to experience EsBoudoir's trial Meridian Tummy Slimming session, I was so excited to see how this can help me to achieve my goals.

I had heard about Meridian massages which the Chinese relates it to "TuiNa 推拿", a traditional massage method that uses acupressure at vital meridian points of the body to trigger various response like increased metabolism, relief tensions, detox, etc. This method of massage can be sore as pressure will be put onto "problem" spots that are congested.
Read more about Meridian massage at the links below this blog.
I arrived at EsBoudoir with a heart full of anticipation and excitement. The last time I did such tummy massage was during my 2nd confinement which was 7 years ago! Yikes...

Before we start, I was briefed by a friendly and professional masseur about the processes and what I should expect from the treatment. This made me more relaxed as I was more aware of what to expect later.

I understood the fact that each individual is different, like DNA, so response to the treatment also differs between each person. Also, meridian massage targets the deep tissues, so if there are "stubborn fats" like cellulite, the massage might be slightly painful but it is alright to scream and ask for lighter strength if the pain is unbearable.

Then my flabby tummy was measured... *drum-roll please...*... 91cm (approx. 35.8in)

First of all, a steaming and scrub process is done to "open" up the pores for better absorption of the slimming cream. During this process, light massage is done at the arms which is very relaxing!

After about 10-15 minutes, the real massage starts... As this was my very first time, frankly it hurts a bit due to the need to break down the cellulite and stubborn fat tissues. My therapist is really professional to use the correct massage technique to do it with strength without being tired!

Lastly, after about 40mins of tummy "exercise", it's time to wrap up! This step helps to further stimulate heat and absorption of the heating slimming cream.

Finally, the results of all the effort.... *drum-roll again*... almost 88cm (approx. 34.6in). A total of 3cm measurement loss! Not bad for a first time. I heard that there are some clients who do not see much measurement loss during their first session but with repeated sessions on a regular basis, results is guaranteed.

You may also noticed that my tummy looks redder as the blood circulation is very much still at work after the "Great Workout".

After the treatment, my tummy still feels warm (and slightly sore from the intensive kneading) until the night time. I didn't bathe until about 5hrs later so that the slimming cream can continue to work its magic. I can feel my tummy is softer which is probably due to the breakdown of cellulite & fatty tissues.

The next morning, the detoxing effect of the Meridian Massage too effect as my toilet visit came with looser stools that is dark & smelly. A thin layer of oil is also observed.

As advised by my therapist, I should adjust my daily lifestyle to improve my well-being:
  1. Avoid ice cold drinks
  2. Sleep early & wake early
  3. Eat less salt (and snacks)
  4. Have meals punctually
  5. Eat like a king in the morning, commoner in the afternoon, and a pauper at night
  6. Exercise regularly to tone up 
My slimming experience at EsBoudoir is very effective and I could see the benefits that come with it. Therefore I intend to purchase a full 5 days intensive session with EsBoudoir and document my experience.

This Meridian Tummy Slimming 1st Trial is now at $68 only which is worth every cent.
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