Jun 20, 2016

Tips To Better Nail Photos

With the wide exposure in social media, being visible is no longer about just words but images as well.
We have platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to share beautiful photos and catch eyes of strangers to "follow".
Therefore as a nail artist in this current generation is no longer about shoot & pose. There are more things to getting that PERFECT image for all to see.
I approached some of my fellow good nail buddies - Adriana, Veronica & Valerie, to give you some tips to good nail photos. Here are FIVE tips to good nail photos...
1. Resolution
Resolution is the key. You would not want your photos become blur when you need to use them for a poster or high resolution printout. The higher the resolution the better you can effectively touch-up on Photoshop later.

2. Lighting
Alot of light and clear light backgrounds is what Veronica advise. Here's also what Adriana says:"...I like to use my light box to take pictures of my Nail tips. You can make your own by yourself! Check it out on YouTube "light box". Its easy and pretty nice to make your Picture has a good look!!!"
Make sure lighting is not too strong as overexposed photos can prevent good details to stand out.

3. Choosing Your Camera
Nowadays our mobile phones can take way better pictures than our compact digital camera. However, focusing is the key. You have to ensure that every detail on your nails are captured. Professional DSLR cameras are great but I feel that they are too complicated to use.

4. Hand Models
Nails looks best on a hand even if they are only  fake nails tips. Attach them on a hand and they will come "alive".
The hands of a live model also must meet some requirements so they will compliment your nail designs better on photos. Here are some pointers:
  • Cuticles must be moisturised - dry flaky cuticles gives the "yuck" factor and draws attention away from the nails. Use cuticle cream or oil to make them look healthy. But not too much as it will cause unnecessary reflection in photos. 
  • Good skin - young healthy skin will not distract the viewers to the wrinkles which causes shadows in the photos. Work on some treatment regime on the hand model before the shoot will help ease out some minor wrinkles and dry skin. 
  • Skin tone - you have to decide if the model's skin tone will bring out your nail design based on color tone matching. Example, a light skin tone cannot bring out white nails while vice versa. Use photoshop to adjust and even out skin tone if needed.
  • Hand Poses - elegant looking poses makes the fingers and nails look more appealing. Learn about hand poses from hand supermodel Ellen Sirot here.  

5. Props
Background props plays a part to make your overall photo interesting. So far, nails looks good with natural background so go out there to take your photo under good old natural light and background! Valerie advises:"Don't take a background with to much stock because they lost the principal subject "Nails". Less is better all the time."
We hope that the above information will be useful to you and help you to prepare your nail photo entries for The Touch Pageant.
For any inquiries and registration for the nail competition, please email us at thetouchpageant@gmail.com


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